In addition to Concrete and Steel Piling we offer Polyurethane Foam Injection.  Foam injection can be used to stabilize & repair sidewalks, driveways, patio porches, raise the center of the house up and fill slab voids.

The Process

A Technician will come and evaluate the area (s) in question and determine the proper solution to stabilize the slab. Once this is done then they, homeowner & technician, will schedule a date for the work to be done. Typically a job takes 1/2 day to 3days, depending on the size of the job.Customer will need to make sure all flooring is removed before we begin the work.
The crew will use a scanning device to determine where the rebar is in the slab to avoid them. They will then place tape every 2-3 feet along the slab where there will be a drill site. The technician will then begin drilling a 5/8" hole in the slab everywhere tape is located. They will place a plastic port put in the hole to use as a connector for the polyurethane foam gun. They will connect the gun to the port and begin injecting the polyurethane foam in 5-10 second burst intervals.


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