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Concho Valley Foundation Repair offers complete repair. If you are aware of a potential foundation issue or are looking to catch any before they spread, schedule a free estimate today and put your worries to rest.  From the initial call to the finished job, we ensure our customers are treated like family.

Concho Valley Foundation Repair is a locally owned and operated business.  Concho Valley Foundation Repair's employees are experienced construction experts that take pride in the quality of service they provide.  All of our work is carried out by Concho Valley Foundation Repair employees that have received extensive training in foundation repair techniques. This allows us to ensure the highest quality control, ensured compliance with industry standards, and absolute success for both the company and our clients.

When it's time time to take a look at your home's foundation, make your first call to Concho Valley Foundation Repair.

Charles Parks

Charles Parks is a founding partner of Concho Valley Foundation Repair. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Charles has built a number of successful businesses from the ground up. Charles began his business career by establishing a network of community-based drug and alcohol counseling programs, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of adolescents and families. After working in healthcare for more than 15 years, Charles set his sights on a new challenge. Looking to establish a new lifelong business franchise, Charles focused on bringing exceptional foundation repair services into underserved communities across Texas and Oklahoma.

An a business owner, Charles has always employed a very simple formula for success -- always put your customers first. "I firmly believe our customers deserve the very best, in terms of service, quality and performance from our team," says Charles. Because of this focus, Charles looks for top-notch employees at Concho Valley Foundation Repair. "To grow a business, you need a team of people who are accountable for their actions and driven by success," says Charles. "I've always looked for the best people I can find and treated them like family," he adds. Today, Charles' son Brent works in the family business as well. "We want our customers to know that we will be here for them today, as well as for generations to come," he concludes.


Jeremy Cloud is chief executive officer (CEO) of Concho Valley Foundation Repair. Born and raised in Concho Valley, Jeremy worked two jobs in college while earning a degree from Tartleton State University. He began his career in agriculture, which required an in-depth understanding of the unique weather patterns and landscapes of Texas. His strong work ethic and experience working with the land made him a natural fit for the foundation repair business. Jeremy began working at Concho Valley Foundation Repair as a field technician more than 8 years ago. Today, he serves as the company's CEO and general manager.

Jeremy plays an active role in coaching, training and mentoring employees throughout the company. Leading by example, Jeremy instills a culture of customer service, getting the job done right, and standing behind the company's work.  "Having a hometown touch really distinguishes our company," says Jeremy. "When you're working with us, all you have to do is pick up the phone. We are friendly, local and provide expert foundation repair."


Brent Parks is the Chief Financial Officer for Concho Valley Foundation Repair. A Fort Worth native, Brent graduated from Harvard University and later returned to his Texas roots to help the firm grow and expand. With a deep sense of entrepreneurship, Brent oversees the firm's technology investments, identifies creative solutions for addressing key business challenges and ensures that operations continue to run smoothly. Understanding the vital role that local business can play in strengthening a community, Brent also maintains a sharp focus on the financial health of the company -- both now and in the future.

"My goal is to create long-term stability for the company so we can continue to serve the community, create jobs, sponsor local charities and stand behind our lifetime warranties," says Brent. "That means we always take the long view when it comes to working with customers, developing our team and building a sustainable business," he adds. Looking ahead, Brent says that he will continue to build a solid framework for Concho Valley Foundation Repair. "Our biggest asset is our reputation. No job is finished until our customers are satisfied. That's why we strive to go above and beyond for our customers each and every day," he adds.


To Abilene Foundation Repair's future customers,

In February 2013, my wife and I decided to sell our home here in Abilene.  Previous foundation repair work had been done by Abilene Foundation Repair for the owners prior to us.  As we moved through the selling process, the buyers expressed some concerns because the house had recieved previous foundation work.  Abilene Foundation exceeded all of my expectations in providing documentation of the work done, the lifetime warranty, and by providing multiple inspections.  They did this all for free.  When the buyers continued to express concern, Abilene Foundation went so far as to have a Structural Engineering report performed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the foundation was structurally sound and performing as intented.  When a foundation repair company volunteers the ideas of getting know that they stand behind the quality of what they do.  Of course the foundation was found to be performing correctly by the engineer and the buyers concerns were taken care of.

Throughout this entire process, every employee from Abilene Foundation that I worked with, from the administrative assistant, to the foundation technicians, to the CEO himself were extremely helpful and went above and beyond anything that I could have expected.  There were thorough, quick and professional.  When they say "lifetime warranty" they obviously mean it.  For something as substantial as a home foundation, I can think of no other company I would choose.
What a pleasure it was doing business with you and Abilene Foundation Repair. I had a large amount of settling to my slab to the point I was shaving doors to keep them operational and watching  cracks open in most of my interior walls.   I had received an estimate of repairs from one of your competitors, and was about to hire that company until I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. That individual lied to my wife about being accredited by the BBB, missed an appointment that we had scheduled and asked that we pay a 2,000 deposit well in advance of the work being erformed.  was at that point that decided NOT to do business with that individual and call for other estimates. When I called Abilene Foundation Repair the lady, sorry I don't remember her name, answering the phone and shared that it would be a couple of days before I could get an estimate.  I explained that I was in a hurry to get the job done and arranged for you, the owner, to come out the next day! Thank you 

When you were at my house you took the time to fully explain how your process worked, and gave me literature for me to review at my convenience. You also took the time to evaluate each of my rooms to determine the extent of the damage.  We then sat down and you gave me an estimate of repairs that was very competitive with other companies in our area. You told me you could have a crew available for Friday and Saturday, just two days later. When explained that I was still in the process of arranging my financing,  and possibly would not have that completed by the weekend, you told me not to worry about it.  You told me you trusted me and that I could just settle up with you sometime the following week, after the work was completed. As it turned I was able to arrange my financing before the work was finished and paid for the services rendered, but what a difference it was doing business with you.  Not only did you not ask that I pay thousands of dollars up front, but instead trusted me to pay out at a later date.  

The work crews that were out at our house were excellent, they could not have been a better group of guys! They arrived early each day, went straight to work and worked very hard all day.  Any and all interactions between the crew members and nay wife and I were very polite.  I believe all conversations ended with yes sir, or yes ma'am.  It made me feel older than I really am but I appreciate the respect shown by your personnel.  Your crews performed their tasks in a very professional manner cleaned the worksite cleaner than it was when they first arrived and made sure that the finishing touches in mortar work and caulking were acceptable. Your motar-man, Mike I believe, even patched up some areas on the corners my slab and porch that were not included in the job.  I believe the work ethic shown by Jared and the crews is atypical in business today. They were professional. very polite, worked very hard and were extremely customer focused. We were so impressed by the crews that we provided soft drinks, and lunch one day, hut felt like that still wasn't enough to show our true gratitude for their professionalism displayed while working at our home.

In summary thank you for a job well done! It was our pleasure doing business with Abilene Foundation Repair and please add us to the list of references.
- Rick and Angie Hedrick
The Hope Lutheran Church Council Of Comanche Texas, would like to comend the Abilene Foundation Repair Company for the manner in which work was done on our church building's foundation.

Mr. Charles Parks, representative for the company, gave us a prompt, understandable, concise report of the damage.  He then stated what his company could do to repair that damage using their Carbon Loe method.

The work was completed in less than a week.  The work crew left the area in excellent condition.

The Council is pleased with our association with the Abilene Foundation Repair Company.
- Rodney Schoen
Church Council President
I just want to send a special Thank You to the people who spent their saturday working to help correct the problems I am having with my house.  I know they help many people.  The crew that came did a good job of making the concrete smoother and cleaned up the mess real good - Thanks a Lot!!
- Dorthory Wade
I wanted to send your company a note to thank all the people that have been to my house to work on leveling it.  Brandon was very nice and quite helpful.  I believe he was fair and honest with what he told us.

He was very helpful in explaining what we needed and how you could fix it.  From his first visit here, he was punctual with all appointments.  When he said someone would be here at a certain time, they were here.  He explained each step as they progressed with the leveling.  

You leveled our house on May 18th 2010.  Today is August 31st 2010.   Two guys (Kevin and Damon) came out yesterday to fill in the holes.  They also fixed some motar problems. 

They did what they were supposed to do, over and above what I expected.  In a nutshell, Thank you for doing a very good job and for having efficient caring employees.  

This is a BIG thank you for what y'all did for me.  I will recommended you to everyone that I can. 

Thanks again,
- Ken Brassell

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